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Cloud Security

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With the popularity of cloud native applications architecture, cloud security is gaining traction. In this article, we will explore AWS STS service which finds a place in AWS recommended best security practices guidelines. AWS STS (Security Token service) is a free web-based service which is used to generate temporary security credentials with limited privilege to […]

Best Practices to counter ransomware

As more and more businesses go online, number of threats that lurk in cyberspace are also increasing. Ransomware is an emerging¬† threat against which you need protection due to increased volume in recent years.¬† Ransomware attacks target business houses, government offices, hospitals or even individual user systems around the world. They block users access to […]

basic guidelines to secure AWS cloud environment

Cloud technology has paved the way for accelerated innovation, elastic scaling, serverless computing, agility, and cost optimisation of workloads. Security has always been a baseline for well architected frameworks. Increasing popularity of flexible work schedules, remote work environments and global clientele have enhanced the focus on this discipline. Security and compliance are always a shared […]