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AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

basic guidelines to secure AWS cloud environment

Cloud technology has paved the way for accelerated innovation, elastic scaling, serverless computing, agility, and cost optimisation of workloads. Security has always been a baseline for well architected frameworks. Increasing popularity of flexible work schedules, remote work environments and global clientele have enhanced the focus on this discipline. Security and compliance are always a shared […]

Common Cloud Migration Strategies(The 6 R’s at the core)

Common Cloud Migration Strategies(The 6 R’s at the core): Cloud adoption rates have been rising since its introduction in early 2000’s. The onset of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 increased the cloud usage of organisations to unprecedented levels. According to    the 2022 Flexera Sate of Cloud report, the number of SMB’s who spent more than $1 […]

Things to do to avoid hackers get a chance to peep into your Aws Account

Amazon Web Services (AWS) IAM roles are sets of authorization that serve as a regular way to assign access to users or services. Identity and Access Management Roles can be assigned to any external or internal IAM users, AWS services, Third party applications and user accounts outside of AWS. Roles hold by users enable additional […]