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Remote Support Services


SupaanaSolutions has made a flying start in the race to considerably decrease the cost of ownership for our client by supplying them with remote support services that come in with the Help Desk or Maintenance services.

The main objective of Remote Support Services is to make the client business run progressively with minimal headache to the client. The objective is fulfilled by following a remote strategy approach. For instance, the long conversation over phone call is curtailed as the help desk analysts will directly get access to the end user’s system and report and resolve the problem according to customer’s request without any delay. The time of resolving a problem is greatly reduced by this remote support strategy as now the problem is solved directly by online support analysts than on-site technicians and to add with more efficiency.

The Remote Support Services that are provided by us starts with installation of software and then following it up with upgradation, patching & support along with resolution of any and all debugging & troubleshooting nicks. We also look after configuration changes and login security of the end user with their approval. Reporting is done on monthly basis so as to track the health & maintenance of the system. We also provide AD-hoc training according to circumstantial need. Our technicians are highly proficient and interact directly with the client to resolve the crisis. This helps in reducing scope for future problems.

Supaana Solutions offers the client with a plethora of benefits for availing our Remote Support Services. The USP of our support is elite service providence with quick problem resolution. Much of the problem is resolved at very base level during interaction with Help Desk and this online remote resolution helps in keeping workplace environment undisturbed. Our quick paced resolution helps our clients keep their workflow uninterrupted.