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Busy work schedules, inadequate staff trainings, limited IT resources, budgetary considerations, lengthy hiring process are key reasons many organizations fail to bring required agility and scalability in their human resources which can cost them missed business opportunities.

Staffing needs vary from time to time depending upon business growth, special projects, modernization requirements, employee attrition rates and customer support workloads. Many organizations fail to keep pace with this changing demand leading to project delays which affects their business productivity. Supaana Solutions plug this gap and help you maintain business continuity. We provide right resources in less time to augment your existing staff.

Supaana Solutions empower you to harness the power of global workforce to grow your business.

Supaana Solutions offers cost-effective On-Demand Staff Augmentation services for your routine repetitive tasks or mission-critical projects. We understand the importance of good human resources in a business as only they have the power to make other resources productive. Our operating procedures cover assessment of Professionals’ skills, behaviour, honesty, integrity of a candidate. Complete Background verifications are carried out before bringing any candidate on-board. Overall, we take full responsibility for the professional we deploy on any project.

Data safety is topmost priority for us. Abiding by the law of land, where we do staff Augmentation, we make sure all the process followed by professional if they handle customer data in any form.

We undertake and are willing to work on all technical projects including programming, automation or scripting, implementation, enhancements and management of cloud environments, Datacentre Infrastructure Management, Applications and product support, edge devices administration, Firewalls deployment, configuration, and management, setting up Remote network Operation centre for all infrastructure in cloud, datacentres, and corporate office.

Many opensource applications have exceptional capability to improve several aspects of day-to-day workflows of a business. They support efficient process management, monitoring, logging, versioning, and effective implementations. We continuously evaluate them in-house and make best use of those applications. We offer complete support on those application to ease your workloads and help your in-house teams.

Customer support is the key for business to grow. Sometimes, In-house teams may not have adequate strength and time to respond to global customers queries or issues in a timely fashion. To strengthen your customer support aspect of your business, try using our remote staff augmentation service. Your existing team will be enriched with an extra hand to do the jobs which might not sound mission-critical, but they are the ones from where revenue comes.

How Supaana Solutions On-Demand staff augmentation service benefits your business?

  • Our client centered approach enables your business to achieve compliant, high quality results in accordance with standards adhering to your clientele base.
  • Affordable and reliable way to scale your staff as per business requirements.
  • Offloading of routine tasks, lets your internal team focus on core projects and that is what matters the most to your business.
  • Having an independent third-party view on the projects protects your business decisions from the effects of employees tunnel vision making them more productive for your business.
  • Get trained professionals for special projects which need immediate attention.
  • Provides a game-changing supplemental support to your field employees which synergizes your business environment  in direction of seamless customer experience boosting your revenues.

Supaana Solutions have rich experience in staff augmentation process. We  share the insights from that with you which results in getting the right resource on-board at a  cost almost two-thirds less than the cost of hiring additional full-time staff. All queries are welcome