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Network Operations Center services monitor and manage network infrastructures and was originally procured for various purpose in the telecommunications industry, with increased importance on Internet Protocol Networks. Network Operations Center outsourcing has expanded their services to several domains like Banking, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing and Technology using IT systems. The trademark of a well governed company is the extent of uptime in IT infrastructure.

Whether it is Servers, Routers, Workstations, Intelligent Switches, websites, phone systems, or some other kind of IT service, their functioning must be smooth so that the operations remain constructive and efficient. This is where the NOC services are useful for the companies. Even in unorganized and unplanned situations, these services ensure that there is undisturbed functioning. They provide the mandatory monitoring to establish quick movement of unscheduled outages. The 24*7 operations centre produces certain network alerts based on which the companies rectify the problem or forward it to the company’s IT head.

It provides 24*7 alert confirmations, Performance monitoring, alert Management, backup and patch Management, Anti-Virus Monitoring, PSA Disposition and Integration and after-hours maintenance. There are different types of NOC services depending upon the business needs or operational requirements.

The NOCs are staffed 24*7 and 365 days a year to help customers with network monitoring and management. NOC engineers provide technical assistance, support, network management and monitoring services with tools that ensure network efficiency, reliability and effortlessness. The onshore NOCs monitor the IT environment throughout the year. Experienced professionals receive alerts on changing application, network and infrastructure performance for isolating them and resolving problematic conditions.

Different companies provide different kinds of services. Some of them are:

  • Committed Project Managers
  • PoC for separate client accounts
  • Effortless integration with the previous existing setup thus ensuring zero interruptions
  • Independence of tools, resources and technology in their particular place within the company
  • High flexibility of Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Support provided for the IT systems uptime
  • Rigorous adherence to the protocols
  • Back office support services
  • A wide range of IT consultation services
  • Adjustable pricing options ensuring high return on investment (ROI).

Assistance Centres have skilled staff around the clock allowing smooth and effective troubleshooting as well as other support. There are usually 3 levels of engineering specialists who are highly trained and experts in the IT arena. There is a developed remote desktop accessing tool that provides safe access to the access remote terminals. Automatic internet based workstation and network scanning applications allow for precise asset management. Technical assistance reporting involves metrics including all calls received, approximate time to answer them, and average hold times.

NOC Management and Monitoring Capabilities

The primary function of the Network engineers around the globe is to ensure that the customer networks are monitored and managed for possible issues that may affect network and the operations.

The Gateway security services are Device management (which includes Configuration management, patch management, content filtering, IPSec and SSL management), Network bandwidth monitoring, 24*7*365 technical assistance and Alerting & reporting.

Network Management Tools

Network engineers employ the best network managing tools to find out the potential issues before they degrade the network performance. The engineers monitor the network availability and traffic utilization. They observe and check the network devices to detect problems regarding the memory utilization and CPU. Network disruptions or failure alerts are given out to the engineers. The fault domain may be identified and isolated if the working of applications is monitored carefully. The engineers act as experienced analytical tools and resolve problematic conditions that result from low performance in the network, applications and infrastructure.

Network monitoring tools verify the working and overall performance of a wide area network (WAN), and can be accessed from mobile devices. The sophisticated engineers significantly enhance the level of their service offered to the client base and assure the clients that a proficient set of hands are there to help them. The experts solve any network related problems and provide a good end-user experience.

All the customers do not need 24*7 help and assistance, so the team can be managed well by giving them a mobile phone for the out-of-hours. A back-up attached to a phone covering the extended hours is a good option. To plan and set up a full- fledged 24*7 NOC requires a lot of hard work, a huge investment, time and capital outlay; in addition to finding the right staff that would work 24 hours a day.

Trouble Ticketing System (TTS)

The Trouble Ticketing System provides alerts about new proactive tickets and status updates. Alerts regarding any trouble in the network are given out to the network operations team. If a client wants to be notified, there are options to set it up automatically through texts or emails. Further, there is a live operator from the network operations centre that may notify about critical disruptions 24 hours a day. With the help of On-Call Scheduler, the right people are notified at the right time.

Supaana Solutions provides offshore IT services and helps in assessing and planning new infrastructure technology by utilizing improved practices. They are experts in Network Operations Management and offer 24*7*365 assistance. Their team constitutes of a highly dedicated group of professionals and resourceful project managers with immense experience ensuring that the business is not affected at any time of the day or any day of the year. The esteemed team manages the networks, their performance and back office operations.