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Cloud programming languages

Cloud programming languages for developers in 2022 and beyond

Cloud programming languages for developers in 2022 and beyond

In today’s age, every organization is using a software in one form or another. All these software’s are powered by various programming languages which collaborates with various other components in a software stack to bring a business idea to life. With cloud native applications gaining traction, popularity of cloud programming languages has also multiplied. In this article we will talk about most popular cloud programming languages in 2022 which a cloud developer should be skilled at.

Python – It is a server-side language which is equally popular with DevOps as well as development teams. This platform independent cloud programming language is popular with developers because of imperative programming (also known as functional programming) support as it can perform calculation of complex logic via simple, succinct functions. It has ability to quickly analyse and organize data which makes it suitable for cloud data streaming applications to derive useful business insights. For AI applications built on cloud Python gets a thumbs up because of a great library ecosystem, flexibility and a good visualization support. Many professionals term it as one of the easiest and most marketable programming language used in cloud.

JavaScript – Now a days developers can build, maintain and optimise end-to-end JavaScript applications in the cloud – thanks to the server-side JavaScript and JavaScript support in major cloud platforms. It is a popular choice to create dynamic web elements like interactive maps, animated graphics etc. Because of its flexible nature, it caters to beginner, intermediate and advanced developers with equal ease. It is not only used in web development or to build web servers but also in game development.

Golang (Go) – This cloud programming language was originally developed by one of Google’s programmers for cloud computing specifically on server side. It is also popularly called as Go. Its USP lies in its ability to handle multicore and distributed networked systems and massive code bases. It is powering the API’s and web applications of many Major companies like Google, Uber, Dropbox etc. Golang’s Github repository hosts various plugins to enhance capabilities of Golang applications.

Java – Java needs no introduction and has been hugely popular with developers right from the beginning because of its cross platform and object-oriented nature. Its robustness, ease of use, multi-platform capabilities, security features make it a reliable language to create cloud native microservices based applications.

Ruby – It is easy to learn, highly secure, has a collection of more than 60,000 libraries and frameworks which makes it popular cloud programming language among developers. Despite being open source, it has active community support. Ruby Applications on Google cloud can be easily integrated with logging, error tracking, reporting and monitoring.

ASP.NETThis is an open-source web framework which was developed by Microsoft and is very popular with cloud developers specifically who are developing on Azure environment as many Azure products run .NET natively and can be integrated with Visual-Studio developer tools. Its flexibility in app deployment, versatile nature, excellent developer tool support, high performance, cross-platform support, sophisticated programming features makes it popular among cloud developers.

R- It is an open-source programming language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. It finds usability in processing statistics (linear and non-linear regression), visualization and analysis. It is mostly used in banking, health care, finance, social media, research and academics and ecommerce applications. Accenture, Bajaj Allianz Insurance, Cornell University, UCLA, Facebook, Twitter, Bank of America are some of the prominent names using R in its applications.

Kotlin- This open-source programming language is termed as a fast-growing Programming language on GitHub. Kotlin’s features like support for lambda functions, smart casts, null safety and operator overloading are finding use cases among developers. Kotlin cloud native applications can be deployed in automated containerized environments like Kubernetes. It is being used by major players like Google, Netflix, Amazon, Pinterest, Uber, Trello, Capital One etc.

Swift- This language was introduced by Apple and is popular among IOS developers. It is a general-purpose programming language which has a wide range of use cases from systems programming to mobile and desktop apps, scaling up to cloud services. It not only embraces safe programming patterns but also has modern features that makes programming fun, easier, and more flexible. Major market playing which are using swift are LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Eventbrite and Kickstarter.