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Routing and Switching


Routing and Switching

Switches and routers coordinate the network infrastructure moving the binary data packets between different components on the same network, or between different networks. With the increase in the number of IT infrastructure applications, devices, and networks; the traffic volume also expands. Therefore, there is an increased demand for switches and routers for smooth data flow.

Routers are networking devices that helps in the transfer of data packets between various computer networks. They direct the traffic on the Internet. A data packet is sent from a router to another along the networks constituting an inter-network till it reaches the destination node.

A network switch or switching hub typically connect devices on a computer network by the process of packet switching to acquire, manage, and forward data to their destination. A network switch has several ports and use hardware addresses to handle and forward the data at the data link layer of the OSI model. Some switches even process data at the network layer by incorporating routing functionality and using IP addresses for packet forwarding.

Supaana Solutions engineers utilize advanced routing and switching technologies to establish efficient network infrastructure when redesigning a network or building a new one. Smooth and well-organized network traffic connections allow easier management of the network along with high availability, increased scalability and better performance.

Getting Data from Here – to There

The performance is the key for a network to be efficient and the Supaana Solutions engineering specialists are very well aware of it. Transferring data with speed from a point A to another point B is essential. The paths for this data flow are not always steady. The networks are often dynamic and different paths may be used depending upon the condition of traffic builds or links.

Streamlining a network performance is important. The Supaana Solutions specialists acquire knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of a specific network. They need information about the network regarding hardware, applications, services, traffic, Bandwidth, number of users supported, Security requirements, CPU usage and ease of deployment and management. This information is significant for better configuration of the network and smooth data flow.

Based on the needs, Supaana Solutions employs latest technologies from leading manufacturers such as Dell, Cisco and HP – their innovations in switching and routing protocols constitute cutting-edge features including transparent bridges and on-demand routing. A wide range of technology like the stacking technology, for instance, minimizes management points, optimize use of energy and physical space, and permit the addition of ports to hold the new network components.

Supaana Solutions configures switches and routers for systematic, well-organized and efficient management and information delivery ensuring support for the IT infrastructure which it needs, as well as outlining plans for growth of new applications or services.

A Solid Foundation

Our network experts have carefully designed, developed and implemented the architected solutions. They have integrated the best and most advanced technologies to obtain unwavering performance. Supaana Solutions helps in addressing the network challenges – from consistent routing and switching, bandwidth, LAN availability and wireless access to security.